Why I picked my crazy avatar!

Why I picked my crazy avatar!

I  chose this avatar because I have blond hair. I also have messy hair a lot and I wear a hat instead of combing it. Also it shows that I like to play around with my friends. I like it because it shows the side of me I like about myself. If you want to do one of your own go to  Mini-mizer and do one yourself. Thank You For Reading!! BYE!!

One thought on “Why I picked my crazy avatar!

  1. I felt as if down deep inside, I found Bronson´s avatar pretty funny, and cool. My avatar was just a boy with zebra tail, and wart hog trunk, and bat wings. This is much more cooler than I thought it would be. Man, I wish I could be him! Actually, I guess I will just redo mine. And I would like Bronson´s help doing so. I would love you to help me, Bronson. Your imagination, and desire to make a good avatar has inspired me. Thank you.

    -Weston Merk

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