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My favorite school food is nachos. Nachos are offered every day in our cafeteria. There is a separate nacho and taco section called ” South of the Border”. These items are inspired by Mexico. They offer many toppings: refried beans, queso cheese, taco meat, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, sour cream, rice, corn, and spicy chicken. I am pretty plain, I get  double nachos with queso cheese and lettuce. Personally, I have never tried a school taco, but my friends say they prefer it over the nachos because you get more food and toppings so you don’t get as hungry later in the day. There is also a cooler with fruit, vegetables, salads, juice boxes, and chips.

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On occasion, I eat at the “Hot Stuff” section in the cafeteria. This is my “Little Italy”. They always have pizza. Some days they also have spaghetti, curly fries, fish on a bun, and chicken nuggets. Some items are not from Italy, but pizza and spaghetti are so that is why I think it is more Italian than not. This area also has a cooler with items like “South of the Border”.  I never eat at the “Sub Shop”. Since I do not eat any meat (excluding fish) there is nothing for me to eat at that station. Chicken and beef are not part of my diet. Technically I am a pescetarian, so anything that doesn’t live in the sea is not part of my diet.

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