December 15, 2017

Wiffle-ball Tournament

One of our major accomplishments is emailing the board for approval for a field. They said that they were OK with it but we have to contact the principle to get approval. The principal has not answered back yet. We also have almost everything planed out. We are very excited because we have everything planed out and we like to play baseball. Also we are going to read our reply for the field soon.

Our December goals are to send out fliers and get all the approval we need. Those are our December goals.

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December 6, 2017

My favorite holiday, place to go, and season.

My favorite season is Winter because, it gets dark early. That means I get to play inside more. I get to play video games more. Also I watch a lot of movies. Most of them Christmas movies because it is coming up. My favorite Christmas movie is Elf because it is funny.

Elf info

My favorite holiday is Christmas because I spend a lot of time with my family. I also get to surprise my family with presents. I also get to not have school for a week. That means that I don´t have homework. I also go to Florida over the break.

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My favorite place to go is Florida. I like to go there because it is warm and I go there in the winter. I go over the winter break. I love to go to the beach. It is also not to hot. I go to a place called Jungle Gardens and see flamingos and have a great time.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens


November 29, 2017

My Sister’s Flamingo Bite On Christmas Eve!


For Christmas I go to Florida and go to the beach.  We typically spend our entire holiday break in Florida. We go to Jungle Gardens on Christmas Eve to see the animals, lights, a magician show, and Santa. They have a bonfire where you can roast hot dogs and make s’mores. My sister always makes a s’more because she loves marshmallows. Since we don’t eat meat we never get the hot dogs. Two years ago my sister got bit on the shoulder while feeding the flamingos. Up until last year you could feed them by hand. Now they but up a fence and you cannot cross the line due to the aggressiveness of the flamingos in mating season. This year the jungle gardens is closed due to damage sustained in the last hurricane so we won’t get to do our annual tradition.

jungle gardens

I also get presents while there. It is really fun because I get to be with my family. We play board games every night and spend our days at the pool and beach. We also like to make a snowman out of sand every year and take a picture to send to our family up north. We don’t have a feast because we only have 4 people there.  We  go out to eat pizza on Christmas Eve and just eat at the condo on Christmas day. Mom typically makes cinnamon rolls while we open our presents in the morning and then we head out to the beach. That is how my family celebrates Christmas.

4th of July

On the 4th of July my family also goes to Florida. We sometimes do fire-works. We go to city island and watch the fire-works over the Sarasota Bay. We get there early to get a spot right on the edge of the water. There is a playground that we go to and play until it gets dark. Last year it was very stormy during the fireworks. It started to lightening so we packed up all our chairs and snacks. When it began to get windy we got into the car to head back to the condo. We drove a short distance and had to pull over and put the convertible roof on because it started pouring rain and we were getting wet in the back seat. We missed the firework grand finale but still had a good time.

city island

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November 13, 2017

International Dining

My favorite school food is nachos. Nachos are offered every day in our cafeteria. There is a separate nacho and taco section called ” South of the Border”. These items are inspired by Mexico. They offer many toppings: refried beans, queso cheese, taco meat, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, sour cream, rice, corn, and spicy chicken. I am pretty plain, I get  double nachos with queso cheese and lettuce. Personally, I have never tried a school taco, but my friends say they prefer it over the nachos because you get more food and toppings so you don’t get as hungry later in the day. There is also a cooler with fruit, vegetables, salads, juice boxes, and chips.

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how to make queso

On occasion, I eat at the “Hot Stuff” section in the cafeteria. This is my “Little Italy”. They always have pizza. Some days they also have spaghetti, curly fries, fish on a bun, and chicken nuggets. Some items are not from Italy, but pizza and spaghetti are so that is why I think it is more Italian than not. This area also has a cooler with items like “South of the Border”.  I never eat at the “Sub Shop”. Since I do not eat any meat (excluding fish) there is nothing for me to eat at that station. Chicken and beef are not part of my diet. Technically I am a pescetarian, so anything that doesn’t live in the sea is not part of my diet.

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what is a pescatarian

November 8, 2017

Under age driving!

Do you like to drive fast? Do you like to race cars? Then I’ve got something for you to try, go-carting. Go-carting is a fun sport. There are  different ways to go-cart. There are indoor and outdoor go-cart tracks, and there are gas or electric options. Some facilities offer a single rider cart  and a double cart for little riders not yet old enough to drive. I prefer to go indoor racing because you don’t have to worry about the bright sun in your eyes or rain on the track. You also don’t have to worry about the temperature, indoors is always open. I prefer the electric go carts. Electric don’t give off the gas fumes that can make riders nauseous. My mom doesn’t like to go with me when the carts are gas, she gets sick from all the fumes and driving in circles.

my favorite place to go kart

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I started go-carting when I was four years old while on vacation in Florida. I was not old enough to drive the go-carts so my dad drove. It was a rainy day so we couldn’t go to the beach. My mom had to just watch us that trip because she was pregnant with my little sister. My mom isn’t much of a go-cart fan. She doesn’t like to drive fast, gets car sick from all the stop and go on the track, and nauseous from the smell. Go-carting is way more fun for me and my dad. When I turned 8 I got to start driving myself. My first race was against my dad. My mom rode with me and my sister rode with my dad. My dad beat me the first time. The second race I took the lead in the first lap and didn’t let my dad pass me. It was fun to see the man wave the checkered flag when I won the race.

go carts

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The last time I went with my dad in Florida we raced three times. The first time we raced with a group of people we didn’t know.  Those guys didn’t follow the rules and kept wrecking their carts into me, their friends, and the walls. I couldn’t pass anyone because they were too aggressive. The next two races I won because it was just me and my dad on the track. My dad took the lead early, but I was able to catch up to him  and then I started drafting to slingshot around his cart. He was not very happy when I did that at the last minute to beat him. My next go-carting race will be this weekend. I am having some friends race with me for my birthday. I can’t wait to see who wins!



November 6, 2017

Why do you License and use Attribution

Activity 1

Attribution is saying where you get your information. To give an attribution to an creator you give the title, the creator, the source stating where the information was found. A license is what a creator uses so then someone can’t copy their work without giving them credit. I learned how to give credit to a creator and share where my information came from.  I still want to know what the consequences are if you don’t give credit to the original creator. Learning about attribution is helpful so that you don’t get into any trouble when writing a blog.

Activity 2

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short and stocky zooming down the street

wheels are turning under my paws

when I ride I have such joy

wind blowing my ears and tongue while I zoom away


watch out people the Top Dog is here

your ankles aren’t safe from my powerful wheels

I will not stop so move out of my way

the Top Dog is enjoying his skateboard adventure.

October 30, 2017

The Edge of the Water

Activity 3

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On the edge of the water by the tall tree in the reedy grass a pelican paddles. Looking for his lunch, he ducks his head under the water to grab a fish. He pulls one out and hears a voice say “please don’t eat me.” The pelican says “show yourself stranger” to the open water. The fish responds ” I’m here in your beak silly, put me back before I die.” The pelican puts him down and and asks “How can you talk?” The fish replies, ” I am a magical fish. I have many powers so I am hiding in this lake from the hunters. Can you please help hide me from the hunters by scooping me up and taking me to a new lake far away from this one?”  The pelican begins to fly away with the fish as hunters start throwing their spears in the air. The pelican tries with all his might to fly  higher than the spears but feels the wind of one spear barely miss his wing….

Will the pelican and fish escape? Will the hunters capture the fish? Comment  with your ending ideas.

Activity 4

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October 12, 2017

Why I picked my crazy avatar!

Why I picked my crazy avatar!

I  chose this avatar because I have blond hair. I also have messy hair a lot and I wear a hat instead of combing it. Also it shows that I like to play around with my friends. I like it because it shows the side of me I like about myself. If you want to do one of your own go to  Mini-mizer and do one yourself. Thank You For Reading!! BYE!!

September 26, 2017

My passion

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What  I am passionate about!


I am passionate about baseball. I like baseball because I am good at it. I also like it because it is competitive and  like things that are competitive. I like that I can play with my friends.  I  can play in the summer for fun if I have nothing to do.  I can play with my sister and my friends and their sisters,everyone can play. We can try our best and not have people yell at us  and quit because it is a competitive game. In the neighborhood we can play for fun and to teach others how to play.

I play both spring and fall baseball on a team. In the spring I typically play first base. To play first base a player needs to catch very well and stay focused. Many plays are recorded at first base. I also cover other positions when players  are pitching. Those include second base and short stop. I occasionally pitch, which requires confidence, concentration, and quick reflexes. Fall baseball is more educational  so I get to play everywhere on the field in order to develop new skills. Our coach lets everybody try out new positions during fall baseball which is why I like playing in the fall. Having so many options  is why I have so much passion for baseball.