My passion

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What  I am passionate about!


I am passionate about baseball. I like baseball because I am good at it. I also like it because it is competitive and  like things that are competitive. I like that I can play with my friends.  I  can play in the summer for fun if I have nothing to do.  I can play with my sister and my friends and their sisters,everyone can play. We can try our best and not have people yell at us  and quit because it is a competitive game. In the neighborhood we can play for fun and to teach others how to play.

I play both spring and fall baseball on a team. In the spring I typically play first base. To play first base a player needs to catch very well and stay focused. Many plays are recorded at first base. I also cover other positions when players  are pitching. Those include second base and short stop. I occasionally pitch, which requires confidence, concentration, and quick reflexes. Fall baseball is more educational  so I get to play everywhere on the field in order to develop new skills. Our coach lets everybody try out new positions during fall baseball which is why I like playing in the fall. Having so many options  is why I have so much passion for baseball.


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